Landslide on road I-3 Biala-Botevgrad

Project Description

Technical project: “Implementation of research and design activities for landslide near Kozar Belene village on national road I-3 “Byala-Botevgrad” at km 41+394 on the territory of the Pleven RRM”, with Agency “Road infrastructure” as an Employer, in following parts:

  1. Part “Geodesy”;
  2. Part: “Geotechnics”;
  3. Part: “Construction”;
  4. Part: “Road” (incl. permanent traffic organization);
  5. Part: “Temporary Traffic Organization”;
  6. Part: “Control-measuring system”;
  7. Part: “Health and Safety Plan”;
  8. Part: “Fire Safety Plan”;
  9. Part: “Waste Management Plan”.